Friday, February 12, 2010

Destruction at the Kindergarten



The destruction of approximately twenty trees on the kindergarten schoolground ocurred while I was gone. I absolutely could not believe my eyes upon return. Huge trees. Old trees. Eucalyptis, pine, jacaranda to name just a few. My photos are not very good but if you look for sticks sticking up, through my trees, you'll be able to see the loss.

The grounds were so beautiful and sheltered the children at play. I, for the life of me, cannot understand what possessed someone to make the decision to cut the trees in the manner that they have. In fact, in San Miguel, it is against the law to cut down trees without a special permit. I'll wager anything that no one got permission for this act.

In my life I try not to judge. I also try not to get angry at things I can't change. But, it has heen ten days and I'm still angry and judging the people who did this to the trees.

What a horrible example for the young children to see that the environment and the sanctuary for many, many birds in this area does not matter. There are two pines left and hopefully they will not destroy those as I have watched the monarchs cover those pines when they are migrating back north.

To me it is like someone died. It can't be reversed. It's too late. What a shame.
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Babs said...

Let me clarify - the trees that you see in the foreground are in my yard, not the schoolyard.

Katie said...

Did you ask why they were cut down?

Matthew Smith said...

We are adding an addition to the back of our house and had to cut down 2 20 year old oak trees ( my favorite tree ). When my 11 year old son came home from school and saw the trees were gone he cried. They provided such good shade. We lost over 300 trees when Katrina hit. We live on 2 and a half acres and it was mostly trees when we moved in. You couldn't see our house from the street. You can now. We can never replace what we lost. Way too expensive plus it cost us 45000 to have the down trees removed. Insurance did not cover this cost. Yeah we love trees and mourn each one we lose. Jan in Mississippi.

Babs said...

No Katie, I wouldn't know who to ask and it would be inappropriate for me as an ex-pat to question the school. At least in my opinion I think it would.
Oh Jan, so sorry to hear about your tree loss. I remember too when I lived across from NASA in Tx and Alicia hit. The sound of chainsaws will always remind me of that time.
Many of those were big oaks and old, old pecan trees. So sad.

Glenn said...

It seems you live near El Charco. I used to hike/explore the area...before El Charco...before the uncompleted hotel. I´m sorry that they cut the trees at the kindergarten. All we can do is plant more trees, or support those who do--maybe El Charco--they have a forest reserve near SMA. In Michoacán there´s La Cruz Habitat Protection Project.

Charles said...

How sad - it's shame how so many people on this planet have such little respect for nature and their fellow human beings as well. Several years back, the lady next door to where I lived at the time took it upon herself to take down 8 50-year old Italian Cypress trees that separated our properties - I was devastated - you could almost hear the trees screaming - I had to leave the day it was done - couldn't bear to watch.

Michael Dickson said...

Judge, Babs.

I, for the life of me, cannot understand this thing of not being judgmental. We should judge. It´s how the bad get their comeuppance and the good get pats on their backs.

I´m as judgmental as the day is long. It´s a good trait. It´s simply saying good is good, and bad is bad.

But, you are right that, for the most part, being a visitor in our country, it´s none of your business. Another reason to become a citizen so you can judge and holler and gripe and complain. It´s fun.

There is little environmental consciousness in this country. A teacher I had at a language school in Morelia in 2000, Mexican guy, was very environmentally conscious. Every year, he took vacation time to join an environmental group that planted trees.

Where did he do it? In the United States! He said that in Mexico hardly anybody gave a damn, so he went up north to do it. Pathetic that he should have to do that.

Now, go forth and hone your judgmental talents. Don´t be ashamed.

Calypso said...

Babs- You don't have to be anything more than a citizen of the planet to care about the trees - anything else is non-sense. That we have to be a citizen to entitle us to care or have a say - indeed!

Charles said...

Babs - I am totally in agreement with Sr. Felipe - those who tell us not to judge are often the most guilty of doing so - and they do it in the name of Christianity or another organized religion by selectively choosing the words that apply to their somewhat misguided beliefs. I hope you have a great trip NOB - and hope even more to sit on a bench in SMA with you someday and solve the world's inequities once and for all! Take care and be safe.


1st Mate said...

I'm wondering if the trees were diseased. Can't think of any other reason they'd remove the shade from the area where the kids play, that's inhumane! said...

How sad! We lost a huge oak in the front yard and half of one in the back during Ike. No way we can replace it and won't now that our homeowner's insurance will no longer cover anything falling on the house. State Farm and lots of others cancelled everyone along the Gulf Coast so now we all have to get Texas Fair Plan. Waaaaaayyhhhhh! I'm whining.

Babs said...

Glenn, you must have been exploring San Miguel in the 70's - they started the hotel in 82 which is about the time this property was built. I love where I am - I see the whole valley. Lovely.
Charles, your memory reminded me of an experience in Tx where they were going to chop down a huge tree and when I saw them, I ran out and yelled "stop" and they did. I was amazed. I contacted the person who had ordered it and through persuasion, the tree was spared. I was so upset. I so understand your feelings.
Felipe and Charles - I leave the involvement and griping and judging to others. My days of that are over. I prefer focusing on the positive - like trees. Actually I like not being a citizen - I can quietly watch from afar. Being a "citizen of the world" as Calypso says, is enough for me. First Mate and Kay - ANY loss of a tree is for me. inhumane and sad.......

Nancy said...

Babs, One side effect of the way trees are trimmed here (with a machete) is that the cuts are often not clean and in the right place so disease enters the tree.

There are a group of huge trees on my street that are dying one by one and I believe it is by bad pruning or no pruning. Big chunks get broken in a storm and disease sets in.

It really is too bad, but I bet something like that happened to those trees.