Sunday, January 17, 2010


Not only is the beach refreshing, the pool cool and, the weather could not be more perfect, but the sunsets are stellar.

Wish you were here.

On another note - they had SNOW in the mountains around San Miguel last night or this morning. I might be moving permanently to the beach, ha...... I'll try to post the photo tomorrow of the SNOW! SNOW near San Miguel - OMG!


maria luz said...

Stunning! Thanks!

Keep us posted. After the frigid cold we had here in north Texas, it is lovely to know someone was warm. Nine degrees and a 40 mph wind was a bit rough and thank the Goddess we are now in a heat wave in the 60's.

And snow? And we are moving south to avoid snow?

Have fun! and say "Hi!" to the cyber gang for me.

ml said...

OMG is right. Just plan on spending January and February at the beach.