Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jorge and Claudio

I mentioned previously that we could sit poolside or beachside and hardly ever have to move. The vendors came to us! What a life.

But the piece de resistance was Jorge and Claudio. Little Jorge was 4 years old and his brother Claudio was 8. They peddled glass hand blown swizzle sticks while their Dad watched from a distance. Polite, gracious, adorable. They handled the sticks with gentleness so as to not break the nose off the dolphin one or the leg off the tortuga. How cute! I bought just for the interaction with the kids. Here are photos of them carefully wrapping my purchases. And, then when I wanted a photo of Jorge with the swizzle sticks, Claudio wanted to hold his tray too. Adorable kids.

Their glee at showing all the different types to me was contagious. Especially when I would tell Jorge the names in English. He was a quick learner. Just one of the special memories of this glorious month of sun, sea and relaxation.

I head home manana. Not without reluctance. I'm ready for home, but not ready to leave the beach, the sunrises and sunsets.......oh, and the pinadas - an alcohol free pina colada - gladly I found out that name!

See you on down the road.


Steve Cotton said...

Have a safe trip home. said...

Adorable and I can just picture you with them. Be safe and hope to hear from you soon.