Sunday, November 15, 2009

Four scenarios




Here's the first. Sunday's are always special. I seldom watch TV, but CBS Sunday Morning is a "must watch" for me. I learn something each time I watch the show. In addition, I always make a hearty breakfast on Sundays - turkey bacon, homemade biscuits, eggs and fresh orange juice with my usual Community Coffee. YUM.

This morning I was irritated because I kept hearing, of all things, a "weed eater". Where the heck was that coming from? I got up looked out the dining room window and there were all kinds of people working in the school grounds across the road. They were cleaning up the dead grasses and weeds. So, always alert, I grabbed the camera and headed to the roof to photograph all these people working to clean up the school early on a Sunday morning. Usually it is a group of women with scythes and scarves around their heads. Today it was men with better tools. Along with the men, two sons sat patiently watching their dads working.

Scenario #2: Yesterday I heard a truck come to a halt after making much noise outside the dining room. I looked out the window at about 4:30 PM and under the truck were four legs working on it. I didn't think too much about it but at about 11PM last night I looked out again and those two men were still working on the truck, with flashlights. Surprisingly this morning one of the men was back. By about 3PM, he had finished the work and the truck drove away quietly and smoothly.

Here I thought that by staying home I wouldn't have anything to report on the blog, but au contraire. I have more then I can put in one post. As the day moved forward and I looked over the wall from the roof terrace, the men cleaning the school had cut up the wood from the weeds and pruning. It sat in neat piles near the school gate. Just wait til you see the next series of photos tomorrow and who came to get the wood.

Along with that scenario, a bug was carrying another bug on its back up and down the wall. It looked like the space shuttle when it flies across country with one on its back.

As if that wasn't enough, the views on the roof of the blooming flowers was just too much to keep to myself and I'll share that with you also in the coming days. Life is never dull if you just take time to notice!
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Charles said...

The predecessor to CBS Sunday Morning was On the Road with Charles Kuralt - he traveled all over the country in a motorhome doing stories about rural America..and the guy with the bow tie succeeded him...can't remember his name...too often my CRS kicks in..both were excellent journalists. Hope your week is filled with many good things -

Paul and Robyn said...

Funny I have always watched Sunday Morning as well. That is really how we ended up in Mexico to begin with. After their report on Americans living in Mexico, I thought what the heck I could do that, and thus our journey began. Great show.
And I can hardly wait to hear "the rest of the story" from next door

Billie Mercer said...

I watch CBS Sunday Morning also. I love it because it reports a whole story and not sound bites.

Unknown said...