Thursday, October 01, 2009

Via Organica

Organic farming has come to San Miguel. I know of two organic farms - one where you can go and buy the produce. Another, Via Organica, which has a small storefront in Col. Guadalupe. I'm sure there are more farms. At the Col Guadalupe store not only can you buy fresh organic fruit and produce, but also freshly made pastas and specialty fruit drinks such as jamaica and chia seed. In addition to raising organic vegetables at the farm, there also are classes for campesinos to teach them how to grow organic and how to make organic fertilizers. All this is free. In a class held recently out at the property and gardens of Via Organica, 200 campesinos attended. Quite a historic event.

There are plans to grow heirloom seeds since so many seeds now are genetically modified. It is an ambitious plan. The man who is spearheading all of this moved to the area from New Hampshire where he was involved with the organic farming movement in the USA. He has put together a team including a nutritionist, certified and educated in the USA, but originally from Peru.
The photos are some of the things growing in the greenhouse and the fields. The first two photos are oyster mushrooms. I have never seen them grown this way. The growing material is sterilized saw dust and other compost materials. The third photo is one of my favorite vegetables, brussel sprouts.
This last photo is the row of brussel sprouts. I had no idea the plants grow this large. The times they are a'changing. It is quite an operation and it was very interesting to have had the opportunity to see all of it. For more information you can go to
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Unknown said...

Great post, B. Thanks for bringing it.

Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.

Michael Dickson said...

This is heartening in the face of Mexico´s tendency to overdo pesticides.

Sam and Bob said...

I'll have to check it out when we return to SMA.

Thanks for sharing.

Ruco said...

Oh my, well, Miss Babs is giving me the gears for not posting lately. So here I am. I heartly agree with organic veggies, cept the ones that give me gas. As for BRUSSEL SPROUTS, HATE EM, they look bad, taste even worse and were created by God as a cruel joke on cabbages. Mini anythings are bad.

Unknown said...

RUCO- "mini anything is bad"

but wouldn't a "Babs BobbleHead" figurine be fun?

Michael Dickson said...

Oddly, I like Brussel sprouts. I have not laid eyes on one in Mexico. Not one. Steamed and buttered, they are very tasty, and I must question the moral character of people who speak badly of those dandy little morsels.

Chrissy y Keith said...

I am a brussel sprout fan as well. I grew huge stalks of them in Alaska, but the moose would almost always beat me to them. I cut them in half and saute them with onion, bacon and garlic. Yummy.

Ruco said...

You senor Felipe,ODD, now who would have thunk that for a minute. He who eschews running about the confines of Tzurimutaro buck ass naked, now we have you chewing on a buttered brussel sprout wilest doing so, not a pretty picture my swvelt friend. Healthy maybe, pretty, not so much so. As for moral character, lost that just a tad before you, I was young and tender then.
Miss Dana, I meant not to include mini skirts in the afore mentioned.As for Miss Babs being a bubble head, well, she looks kinda cute in Guasey.P/S Brussel Sprouts are stinky, with or without butter.

Unknown said...

RUCO, bObblehead, not bubblehead.
you know, like they give out as promos at Major League Baseball games?
Maybe you're more the kyaking/motorcylcing type and not into baseball. oh well. said...

Awesome...happy to see this. Yummm..,

Babs said...

Isn't it great to hae RUCO back commenting. I love how he always throwns a monkey wrench into the comments and prompts more comments. I think gauzy is permanently imprinted on RUCO's memory.......ha.

Anyone want a great recipe from a Chef in Galveston for great baked brussel sprouts? Lordy, they are SO good.......and so simple.

Unknown said...

Babs, Send it my way, please, because I've never heard of brussel sprouts and baked in the same recipe.

Thanksgiving is just around the bend.


Babs said...

Dana, here it is. Hopefully RUCO will try them and learn that mini things CAN be good...ha.
Slice in half.drizzle with olive oil..add chopped garlic....salt & pepper. Bake in oven @ 500 degrees until lightly browned. YUMMMM They will be crispy and delightful.