Thursday, October 01, 2009

Up on the Roof

I'm back up on the roof most days now. I've got all the plants in places. Got the furniture cleaned and back in their places. I LOVE the new tile floor. When it rained in the past, I would have a huge puddle of water there because the floor wasn't sloped to the drain. It was a mess. I never said anything to the landlord until about 3 months ago. Much to my amazement he offered to tile it. Then he offered to plaster the wall and paint. Wow, I never believed it would happen, but it did.

Now each time that it rains, I go up there to see if there is a flood and no flood. After eight years of putting up with that, I sure wish I had said something sooner.
The mural is back up on the wall too. I used a sage green color for the paint on the walls so it would enhance the plants and not become the focal point. I like it. By rearranging things, I can see the mural better. Can you tell that is an alligator midway in the mural? His head is covered by the plant. It was a montage of things Mexican that was initially supposed to go into a Tex-Mex restaurant in the Woodlands. I'm so glad the owner didn't like it. I sure have gotten a lot of pleasure from looking at it for all these years..........
And then there is this view. I NEVER tire of it. Notice the plastered wall. It looks so much better then the bare brick did. There isn't a bad view up there. It's this view, or the canyon view, or the schoolyard across the street with the mural the parents painted about five years ago. I've visited some other houses recently where the view is other people's rooftops or rubble infested property. I realize every single day how blessed my life is. I sure don't take it for granted. Never.
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marilyn said...

I LOVE your casa. the art, the colors, folk art, the roof top all so beautiful, comfortable, and a cat!...a wonderful home. I wish I had fallen in love with SMA eight years ago. I probably would be living there now, in a similar (one can dream) casa.

As always, thanks for sharing your life via your blog. I keep in touch w/SMA daily through blogs and forums.

Lena James

One Small Voz said...

the house looks beautiful and it appears you have great taste!

Michael Dickson said...

Looks gooooood!

Tina said...

Ahhh, the rooftop. Looks great! And I'm jealous of your mural--it's awesome. We've been working on our rooftop too--we have just had a wall built around the tinaco and propane tank, complete with an antique mesquite door. It looks terrific--now just waiting 2 weeks for the plaster to "season" and it will be painted too. I love having a rooftop garden here, don't you?