Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nature's Bounty

Imagine my joy and enthusiasm yesterday morning when the phone rang and a friend said, "I've got fresh picked okra and yellow squash". Well it would be hard to imagine because I squealed in delight. Two of my favorite foods. I love fried okra and squash casserole. Add red beans and rice with cornbread and I'm in Southern heaven.

So this dear, dear friend (the second dear came after I saw this bounty) showed up at the gate about fifteen minutes later with this huge bag. It also included those beautiful peppers which are seen on the top. Isn't it all gloriously magnificent? I WILL have to share some of it though. I couldn't possibly eat all of that or 1/10th of that...........I am going to try to freeze the squash however. That way I can make squash casserole during the holidays too.

Every day is some kind of a happy surprise, usually. Well if it isn't a happy surprise, every day sure does have a surprise of some kind.
VIVA Mexico!
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Anonymous said...

Okra freezes well. Do you like pickled okra? I like it a whole lot better than fried. How 'bout some gumbo? Which in my opinion is the only other way to eat okra. Enjoy! Judy

Michael Dickson said...

Okra´s good in gumbo.

Tom said...

Go ahead and make a bunch of single (or double) servings of squash casserole and freeze them.
Also, fry up that okra, after it's cool, spread it out on a flat tray and freeze, then put in a zip baggie for later, just heat in a hot pan till crispy again and there you go!
Ummm, yummy
the picture is just lovely, So many things come to mind seeing a picture of fresh veggies.
In fact I need a recipe for tonight for 8, ...for after a bit of drinkin! Squash casserole would really hit the spot!

Babs said...

Thanks for all the info and suggestions. I'll be cooking manana after going to the store today for all the "fixins". YUM

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Yummmmm! I want your recipe for squash casserole. The fresh squash and corn here have been awesome lately...I'm even putting them on pizza.