Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hanging Out

Velcro and I are "hanging out" today. I took these photos of her a month or so ago. The funny part is that I took them over a period of a couple of hours. Notice, she hardly moved. This is one of the many favorite "hanging out" places of this weird cat.
Isn't life great when you don't have to move if you don't want to? Well Velcro has a great life. The only things that seem to make her move are a small bowl of milk or when she wants to go outside. What a life! To have gone from a feral cat to this - it's a fairy tale.
I strive to have the same peace and tranquility in my life. Maybe not so much not moving for hours, but the sheer contentment of the sun on my back and a special place to be. It's not really that complicated. Contentment that is - it's all inside of us.
It's a cloudy, rainy, blustery day today. One of those that makes you contemplative, content, (with socks on), and ready to stay home and just "hang out".
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Unknown said...

Beautiful. I miss my orange cat who died shortly before I moved to Honduras. Enjoy!

Vic said...

Indianapolis was windy and blustery yesterday and I watched it rain all morning long, yes, sitting with hot coffee and my white socks on, by the patio door. Velcro has the right idea! And little Teflon does not let much bother him either!

Sam and Bob said...

You hit it on the head...that's Michigan weather today. Time to get some ironing done.

marilyn said...

These photos are great!!!!! I'm now catless after fifteen years with a wonderful cat. I loved seeing all the activity over a couple of hours!!!!! so, so happy to see a feral cat, content, living in a beautiful home.

your day just hanging out with Velcro sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- we have pound hound we named Velcro. We tried several names but Velcro was what she liked and matched her personality.


Calypso said...

Babs - Kind of the same day here. I am getting ready to watch a futbol game which I know the very idea has its detractors - go ahead Felipe lay it on me.

Orange cats makes me sneeze and I still say forget about a CD player - you can play CD's on your computer and store them on a hard drive - this is NOT quite rocket science - but close.

Quite a tempting offer to be there to administer your sounds - but that will have to remain my little fantasy ;-)

I'll stop now before we get to the blue light in the bedroom and the jello condiment.

Babs said...

Good gosh Calypso. What is it the cool weather? First it's Felipe and whip cream and now you mention jello. YIKEs.........
But you, Felipe and RUCO, who sent me the funniest video ever, have made me laugh out loud today.....

Anonymous said...

hi babs,

i have a formerly feral feline who is also a tabby. i love the name velcro. our girl came to us with the name loralinda but i thought that was too big a mouthful for a cat so we just started calling her red and it stuck. she is the sweetest little thing. i know just what you mean when you say it's hard to believe she was once feral.
we had an absolutely gorgeous fall day here. so many trees have changed colors, especially those that turn red. i spent hours garage sale shopping while on my way to the grocery store. i just didn't want to be indoors.

i'm heading out to italy, monaco and france next week. i'll write when i get back.

teresa in lake stevens, wa.

Unknown said...

B, can we have a RUCO update, please? He's an important member of your cast of characters, so could you share or coax him out of comment hibernation?


Billie Mercer said...

It is a good day for slow cooking.
Great pixs of Velcro.