Monday, August 17, 2009

Sixties and Sexy

One of the fun things about living in San Miguel is when old friends come to visit. I don't mean "old" in age. I mean old in that I've known the two women to the left for twenty years. The redhead, Elaine, was my hairdresser for "mumblesomething" years and Cathy, next to her, I think I've known longer then twenty years! The other two women, Karen and Barbara, I just met on this trip. Fun ladies.

All are former, or current hairdressers. Hairdressers are always fun. These women are not only in their sixties and sexy, in my humble opinion, they are successful business women and survivors. One has buried two husbands in great tragedy. Another recently buried her husband of eighteen years. Both Karen and Barbara lost their homes in Hurricane Ike at Bolivar. It just goes on and on.

They are women who appreciate every day of their lives. Maybe because of the hard times. Well, NO hard times while they were in San Miguel though. They shopped, ate, drank and generally had a great time.

I actually ventured out and met them at Harry's for drinks - something I hardly ever do. It probably has been at least a year, if not more, since I have been out for drinks at night. In fact, several people I haven't seen in a long, long time commented on seeing me. There is a whole other population at this time of the day...........

After drinks, I escorted the ladies to Bugambilla for Mexican food. Mercedes, the owner, does the best Chili en Nogada in this part of the world. They loved the restaurant, the music and especially the food.

It's fun to hear the impressions of people who have not been to San Miguel before. Here were some of the things they were amazed about: (1) the politeness and friendliness of everyone (2) that the taxis stop to let you cross the street (3) so many dishes made with pomegranate seeds (I explained that this is the season) (4) the number of stairs they had to ascend (77) from the street to their bedroom door and (5) the cleanliness of the town of San Miguel. Over and over, these were their comments.

They told me that their friends were in absolute panic that they were coming to Mexico because of the drug wars. Of course they felt totally safe here. I told them to go home and tell all those friends to come to see for themselves. Hopefully they will.

I ran into the woman who has been in charge of the Bibliotecha Home and Garden Tour forever. I asked how many tourists were on the tour yesterday. 78. This time of year it should be around 400. Oh my, less money for scholarships for the Mexican children in the coming year. So sad. I wonder if Lou Dobbs and his ilk understand what they do to the people of Mexico. I doubt it since their lives are so egocentric.

Hopefully this dynamic group of women will be back for a visit next year. That seems to be what happens - they get a taste of San Miguel and they always want to come back. They were all welcome additions.
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Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Babs - I am sooo envious of you getting to go to your reunion after just missing mine last weekend! I hope you have a blast. And that pic of your girlfriends is priceless. There's just something about "going out with the girls" that can't be beat!

1st Mate said...

I bet you had a great time with your "old" friends. Wish I could get some of mine down to visit, but I guess they're all listening to the fearmongers. Oh, well, just look what they're missing.

Tancho said...

Nice to see people taking the time to visit, is so rare nowadays, everyone is too busy or too something!
The two in the middle look like they could be sisters?
Nice to know that we all live in such a dangerous country.....I feel safer here than in a lot of other place...all perception!

Babs said...

Cynthia, I read that you didn't get to go and I'm so sorry. I'll definitely post next year after the weekend.
1st Mate - I've been really surprised how many friends have come to San Miguel since I've been here. It's always fun.
Constantino, no none were related.
And yes, it is all about perception. I've been driving around Mexico alone for nearly 30 years and NEVER feel unsafe.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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