Friday, August 07, 2009

"The" Road Trip - Final Day

The "final" day finally arrived - thank goodness. We crossed the border at about 7:30AM and I must admit my heart always lifts when that happens. I know I'll be home by late afternoon. We got a "green light" at the border - no stop or search necessary. Then at the sixteen mile point, we got another green light so it was clear sailing, oops driving, to San Miguel. As you can see by these "road" photos,
the roads in Mexico don't look much different then the roads in the USA. Only difference is less shoulders. So, up the hills we went and down the hills, driving as fast as get home. I usually don't stop to eat but this day we stopped in Matehuala at Las Palmas for lunch. It felt luxurious to get out and take time for a meal.
The other time my heart sings is when I see the sign welcoming us to Guanajuato. Of course from the time of the sign until I'm in San MIguel seems like the longest time. The whole drive, except for the last 30 minutes is on 4 lane divided highway.
The instant you reach the turnoff to San Miguel, the road becomes narrow with no shoulders and is surrounded by lush, beautiful farms. Ahh, almost there. And then, at the very end, the car comes over a rise in the road and below is the village of San Miguel. Amen, we made it safe and sound.

This trip I was ready to get out and kiss the ground. The cool air was a miracle after the heat all the way from Canada.

IF I even mention another trip in the next two or three months - remind me of all of this, ok? I've been gone waaay too much this year.

Home is where my heart is!
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Islagringo said...

Glad you made it safely back. The thought of travelling is always fun. The experience, not so much.

What is this 16 mile check thing that people talk about? I don't think I ever encountered it heading south out of Matamoros.

Michael Dickson said...

¡Bienvenidos a casa!

But wait! You´ve been home a few days now. No matter.

Anonymous said...

Charlie has a point Babs...

Looking back at the photo of Ruco, it looks like he could dance with you!

Anonymous said...

you've been gone a lot but you've had a great time. hope things continue to go well with tm. i'm eager to hear more about the 2 of you. o.k., o.k. i guess i'm being nosy. it's just that i'm really ahppy for you.

take care and have a great weekend!

Babs said...

Hey Wayne, wherever you cross, at about 16 miles, you cross the immigration barrier and there is a red light/green light thingy. If you get a red light, you're subject to inspection. It seems more lenient in the last couple of years.
Thanks Felipe - I'm happy for the welcome.
And ANON, I dined with RUCO but there wasn't any dancing - that I can remember.......
And Teresa, no mas para TM......