Monday, July 13, 2009

RUCO and Finn's Slough

The blog was never intended to be read by so many people. I was astonished the first time someone left a comment. It was Billie of Billieblog. I loved it. But, I knew Billie and she was instrumental in getting me to blog. Imagine my surprise when perfect strangers started leaving comments. Some on a regular basis. What fun! One of the "commenters" on a regular basis has been RUCO. He and Felipe over at Zapata Tales banter back and forth in humor and I love that. His comments on my blog have always been a delight. I knew he had lived in Mexico at some point, but I didn't know he lived in Canada much less in this area. So, when he saw I was in the area of Vancouver, he commented. We connected and Tequila Man and I met him yesterday.

A unique person. On the outside he looks all gruff and macho with his tatoos, bandana, leather jacket and boots. But, there he stood with a single red rose for me that he had grown himself. He was standing next to his Harley. What a contrast. Stevestown was our meeting place. Lunch was laughter and scintillating conversation. (How do you like that big word RUCO, eh?) I absolutely couldn't resist jumping up and hugging him while Tequila Man snapped a photo of us.
When we left the restaurant RUCO gave me his leather jacket to wear as it was cold, to me anyway. What a gentleman.

As we walked around outside after lunch and talked, RUCO mentioned seeing a place called Finn's Slough. It was nearby and TM (short for Tequila Man) took me there. OMG, it was a step back in time to a funky unique living style. It is old houses built on a little creek (that's what I would call it in Texas anyway). It is affected by the tides so while we were there the boats and houses, which are built on stilts were high and dry.

The house above says that it is the school. I suppose there are enough people living there for such a thing.
The history of the place is thus. The Finn family were squatters about one hundred years ago. Then others moved in. It seems, based on a sign with a petition to sign, that the City of Richmond wants to tear all this town to gentrify the area.
Good heavens, does the whole world have to be beige stucco? I hope this unique place can prevail.

An "outsider art" environment right in Finn's Slough. Well, in all actuality, allllll of Finn's Slough is an outsider environment!

There is a walking bridge to cross that is so old the boards flop when you walk on it. I squealed as I carefully walked across it. The catywompous sign below made me laugh.

And there it is in all its wacky splendor, Finn's Slough. The closest thing I've ever seen to any place like this would be Kemah, Bacliff and environs south of Houston on Galveston Bay. Down there we used to see the street dance scenes of characters as I saw yesterday - before it was gentrified and became a tourist attraction.

It certainly was an "unexpected" day that again, exceeded my expectations. Thanks RUCO and TM.


Babs said...

OK, before anyone comments and tells me it is Finn Slough and not Finn's Slough, I know it. I goofed. I tried to edit the blog but for some reason I can't - so with that said, enjoy.

Michael Dickson said...

The internet is a marvelous thing, is it not? We all owe Al Gore.

That Ruco looks like a tough customer, but I have a tattoo too!

Ruco said...

To tell more on Finn Slough, there was back years ago,a Finnish settlement there.They were fishermen. (Political correctness was not a issue in the day).There was a natural backwater there to protect the boats from highwater and the storms that came up the Fraser River. Over time, an ecclectic group of hippies more or less took over the Island behind the slough.The Finn Slough was featured in National Geographic Magazine.
As for tough Senor Felipe, now, only tough to look at. The wars of life have taken their toll. I was fortunate the Lovely Miss Babs didn't turn tail and run.

Babs said...

Ahh Felipe, that RUCO is a pussy cat - just the exterior looks tough, me thinks.
RUCO thanks for the addtional info. I found the place fascinating. And, as far as turing tail and running - well I SURE wanted to get on the back of that bike! No running.......

Anonymous said...


the first place you described as outside art reminded me a lot of one of the houses in chacala. it was right along the beach and unfortunately it was one of the ones that was torn down (i think they tore those down) when they closed off the beach so they could build a big hotel there. sad that all those families had to relocate. i think only one held their ground and don't know what eventually happened. they ran the campground that andee stayed at for 6 months of her stay.

hubby had a car wreck today. he's o.k. but very sore. we're supposed to move into our new house on wed. but the paperwork was not ready as of today. please send us some positive vibes. i'm hoping and praying for a quick recovery for steve and for all the paperwork to be finalized so we can move in as planned.

take care and say hi to tm for me. ruco does look like a gentle soul. a rose he grew himself, how sweet is that?


Ruco said...

Scintillating, yes ma'am, big word,I was scintillated once(maybe twice), but that was years ago.Anonyamous, I grow them, but I goofed, I gave her a red velvate one, should have been a yellow one for Texas. I have close to 100 different colors, and types and styles of roses. Why,well I do it, because my mother grew them, it's a way of remembering. And I give them away, one of her favorite things to say was, if you have something beautiful and you don't share it, what's the point of having it. It's a contrast I know, riding bikes, raising hell(back in the day)and growing roses, but time and circumstance mellows one. I still have some bite, just takes a little longer to chew.

comitan said...

Delightful to see you having fun and so happy still willing to share it all. You go girl!

1st Mate said...

Aha! So Ruco is a biker! What, no closeups of the tats? Is one of them a rose?

Finn Slough sounds like an interesting place. I used to know a place like that in W. Marin County, called Dogpatch. By now it's probably either a development or a wildlife preserve depending on which side prevailed.

Ruco said...

Madam 1st mate, I have 3, 1)a Grizzle Bear,2nd) a Tazmanian Devil with 12 stars(one for every kid I've put through collage or University)and 3rd) a Death before Dishonour with skull. Each has a specific meaning. I've been riding bikes since I found out that falling off horses wasn't any fun,equates to many years. Besides, girls liked bikes better. Felipe rode bikes also, but he was and is, far handsomer than I and Swevltish you might say.

Babs said...

How fun this blog is when the post takes off and people are commenting to each other - I get such a kick out of it.

Ron Stephens said...

Hey, tell us when you're going to Buchart Gardens...Can't wait to see your photos of it. Surely one of the prettiest places on earth.

Diane said...

What a handsome couple!