Friday, June 19, 2009

"Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned"

Especially an auburned hair one! I have so many ideas of blogs to write. From my seven week trip in the USA, to things that have been popping into my head, but today, the immediacy of the situation dictates this blog. NO, I wasn't scorned by a lover, but by the tenant in my guest house.

Now, I've lived here almost nine years and for a couple of those years I had "short term" tenants so I have probably had around 40 tenants in this length of time. Everyone loves the house and the gardens - the light and airiness and space of it. The great furnishings............not the man who just moved out.

He not only left the place filthy, he skipped owing the balance of his lease. Three months worth - over $2000US. It is amazing the amount of damage a person can do in such a short period of time. I have been lucky with the other tenants, I guess. There are nails everywhere, several ripped sheets that are no longer usable, damaged rugs from his dog. The entire place will have to be painted. The list goes on and on.

But, in trying to figure out why I"m so sad (and angry) I guess it's because of the disappointment in this person's character. He's a retired college professor. He knows better.

He said to me, "That lease probably isn't even legal" And I responded, "I learned in my business career that a legal contract is only as good as the integrity of those who sign it". (I'm sure Steve will have a comment about this).

So, I will leave it to the Universe to catch up with him and his bad Karma. I don't want to lower myself to rath and fury. Whew, I feel better already!


Calypso said...

Being a landlord is a thankless job. If I added it all up we have lost more than we gained from renters (often friends).

Apparently you have had mostly good luck with 40 or so tenants - but one loser can turn the advantage down a lot against quite a few good ones.

Sorry Amiga!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Calypso, overall I'd say you are ahead of the good/tenant bad/tenant game. Although for the life of me...I can't understand some people won't pick up after themselves. He probably had Mommy and then a wife do it for him. Muy buena suerte with your next one.

Steve Cotton said...

I was a landlord once, and swore I would never do it again. I admire you for simply taking on the task. As for leases, you are correct. They are simply memorializations of how honorable people should act. The question of enforceability is what small-minded crooks worry about. I am willing to bet that his intellectual capabilities are not much better than his housekeeping. How is that for a well-placed knee to the groin?

Babs said...

Calypso, you are right, it is a thankless, but in my case, a necessary one. Anon, unfortunately I wish I could say that's the case but this man has been single for around 20 years.
And Steve, he is actually brilliant. A music composer and accomplished musician. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Babs, Your slovenly, lease-breaking former tenant has been outed by name on the Yahoo Civil_SMA list. Good riddance for him. Perhaps future landlords will read up ...type "Troubles" in the search block to find a posting looking for the dog Thursday night...and will be alerted to him and his ways. San Miguel is really a small town isn't it?

Babs said...

Yes, San Miguel is a small town It is not my style to "out" someone. Had I known about the Civilist thing, I wouldn't have put the dog's name in the blog either. I didn't use the tenant's name, nor did I intend to......