Monday, May 18, 2009

STOP praying.............

Well, at least for warm weather. It must have been 90 here yesterday. It WAS a lovely day, to put it mildly. I reveled in the warmth, and spending it with the "Gypsy Kids". We started out at Whole Foods. I dislike shopping, so I sat outside at a table and watched all the shoppers. It was a revelation. I'm in "natural" country - and not a place very ethnically diverse..........but it was fun to observe.

We then went to the garden center to buy a butterfly bush to plant today, Monday, in memory of Jennifer. (See March 14th blog, Jennifer's Living Memorial, for the history of this). It was delightful to walk through the rows of lilacs, roses, and every other flower you can imagine. Matilda would scrunch up her nose and want to smell EVERY flower. It was so cute - especially for a Grammy.
In the afternoon, after "nap time", we ventured down to the main street with the "Bob" which is the name for a very fancy, expensive stroller and strolled along. What a vibrant downtown they have - with sidewalk cafes, courtyards, and other people with strollers and dogs.
You can tell from the first photo of Matilda in long pants and long sleeve shirt to the second photo of her sitting barefoot and in a sundress how much it warmed up during the day. Where she was sitting is a public area where water spouts come out of the ground and the children gleefully play. (I sure was tempted to run through). Matilda loved watching the children.
I've been able to download a few photos to my son's computer. NOW, once he brought it up, I realize why I bought a Flashdrive last December, at his insistence. However, I had no idea what it was for...........If I had it with me, I could download everything - oh well.
Such is life.

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