Monday, January 26, 2009

Soooooooo Glad to be HOME!

I think I've mentioned it before, but I am sooooooo glad to be home! I walked down to the jardine today and was greeted like a returning celebrity or something with hugs and encouraging words. It sorta makes all the bad stuff worth it, sorta.

Had lunch with the "lunch bunch" which is like having lunch with the Keystone Cops. Especially when you have Norman, "El Diablo", around 85 there along with "Dallas" Tom who is sharp, but not always. It is just fun to sit back and listen to all of them. Everyone in the "gang" has a nickname, like "Quiet Bob", cause he never talks, hardly, and then there is "Old Joe" who is so upset because I'm not bringing Girl Scout cookies back this year - the highlight of his year.

It's all silly harmless fun. I delight in it.

Grabbed a cab up the hill cause my lungs aren't ready for that. I had the most incredible conversation with the 18 year old cab driver, Orlando. He was born in Michoacan but grew up in San Miguel. Most of his family, including his grandmother, live most of the year in the US. We talked about family and then he brought up Obama. He spoke of the hope that he and the Mexican people feel now that a "multiracial" man is President. He hopes that it will not be so difficult for Mexicans who live in the USA. And he hopes that integrity will be restored to the Presidency - his words. Wow! I got out of that cab with my heart singing and a smile on my face.

Yes, I'm sooooooooo glad to be home!


Michael Dickson said...

Why is "multiracial" in quotes? Obama is a multiracial man.

Babs said...

Well, because the young man, Orlando> used it and it surprised me. Heck Michael, by now haven't you noticed I don't follow any rules? Sorry, I bet it drives you crazy.....and thanks for reminding me about jardin - I tried to correct it but I couldn't get it to fix........