Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Delayed Gratification - Chapter 1

It was frustrating, while in colorado and Texas, not to be able to download my digital camera photos. But, it was great when I got home to be able to do so and to enjoy reliving the whole escapade.

The very first thing that happened on the day I arrived was the birthday party for Hannah and Andrew - they turned 11.

My daughter is so talented and creative at coming up with fun themes and decorations for parties. This one was no exception. She had a pool (heated) party with "Sponge Bob Square Pants" as the theme. She made signs for all the food stations and the kids really enjoyed it all.

I remember the first time she asked me to go to Target to buy something by the name of Sponge Bob Square Pants and I felt so foolish. I just couldn't get my head around a
name like that! Little did any of us know that it would become such a success!

It was obvious to me on this visit that my "little" Hannah had somehow become a preteen since my last visit. How does that happen in a few months? She is such a sweet girl. I gave her a bicycle for Christmas and had it decorated in the front yard for her to go find. She was very very quiet when she saw it. I later asked her what she thought when I told her her Christmas presesnt was in the front yard? She said, "I thought it might be the Jonas Brothers". That absolutely cracked me up.........cause that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars! But a girl can wish can't she?

This picture of Andrew really touches my heart. You see, he is "special needs", yet the kids treat him with kindness and respect and actually no different then others. The little girl standing behind Andrew is his "mentor" at school to make sure he gets from one place to the other.

This last shot was taken before I knew how to take night shots but it does show how many kids were there! Andrew was so happy to be able to wear his favorite Sponge Bob shirt.
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Babs said...

Ok before anyone says anything about the long space between sentences, this darn blog was sent from Picasa. I can't get the sentences to come up underneath the photo.......aggravating.

Steve Cotton said...

You are doing fine. These blog programs have a mind of their own. Thanks for sharing them with us. After all, that is really the point.

Calypso said...

A fine job Amiga - and a lovely family indeed.

Babs said...

Thanks Steve and Calypso - Ya'll always soothe my ruffled feathers.