Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dating Game

Surprisingly, I've already had two dates this week, both for lunch to meet possible "suitors"! I'm really surprised that these two men lived in San Miguel. It has been interesting. A little nerve wracking, after all, I'm not as young as when I could "draw them into my web" easily.

In addition, I'm corresponding and have talked on the phone with a Canadian who does not live in San Miguel but has a home in Chapala and another place in Melaque. Has a wicked sense of humor - a trait that I thoroughly enjoy.

Of course, now that all this is going on, I'm leaving town. All three will have found the "love of their life" by the time I get back here. But c'est la vie!

I had forgotten how awkward first "dates" are and I did find myself yesterday at a loss for words - which is definitely not me! To add to the fun of the meeting yesterday, I invited the writer of Gangs of San Miguel to join us. THAT added to it, in many ways.

I've received "interest" from guys from 20 to 50 - what is THAT all about? It plainly says I'm 66 - comments? I've always said I wouldn't date anyone younger then my son (45) and older then my father, (he would have been 98) - so ok, I'm stretching the last number - A LOT It would never, in a million years, occur to me to correspond with someone in their 20's.

I've decided that I have to approach this with a sense of humor, a sense of adventure, and be "open to the possibilities". It's like a giant sociological study.

Stay tuned!


Michael Dickson said...

You invited a third party along on that date?! Don´t do that!

My wife was so rattled on our first date she tried to drag along a niece. Luckily, the niece said no.

Islagringo said...

I agree with Michael. You are doing it right so far by meeting in a very public place. And don't limit yourself so.

My mother is 80. She has been "dating" the same fellow for 11 years. And he just turned 66!

Keep meeting guys. You'll find the peach sooner or later. How could anybody say NO to your charms???

Anonymous said...

glad the dating is going so well. who knows, maybe YOU will be the "love of one of their lives" and they will be waiting for you upon your return"

there are younger guys who are interested in older women. i've had my 24 year old son tell me that one of his friends thinks i'm hot!!! eeeeeuuuuu!!!! cute as they may be, there's no way i'd get involved with someone that young. i say 20 years in either direction would be fine. why not, men have been dating much younger women all through history so why shouldn't we? the canadian sounds cool, no pun intended.

well, i'm off to my salsa dance tonight. let's see how many young guys i can talk into dancing with this viejita. like i commented on steve cotton's blog, my line is, "quieres bailar con una viejita?" and i've yet to get turned down.

take care,

Babs said...

Michael, I was already having lunch with Ron, Fred and the writer of Gangs of San Miguel. I explained that and he wanted to come anyway - then R & F couldn't make it so it ended up as it ended up....The more I hear about Senora, the more I KNOW I'm going to love her when i meet her, someday.
Wayne, your mother gives me hope.
Teresa, I would NEVER have the courage to go out and ask someone to dance with me - good for you -
but there was a time.......

Anonymous said...

Bloggers put personal details on their blog and who better to take along on your "date" that a fellow blogger who provide details that you might have forgotten or missed. So if you have questions voyeurs I can answer them. For some reason Babs doesn't like to use my name Richard. She calls me Richland or the writer of GSMA. So I will continue that persona and am looking forward to reporting on other dates. For some reason I missed DATE TWO. Perhaps she had another blogger with her said...

Okay, Richland, give us the scoop. Is this one a winner?