Monday, September 22, 2008

Disoriented by Life

Do you ever feel that way? It's just been so much "stuff" the last couple of weeks - first, sick in bed for six days; then the hurricane; then my friends losing everything; then the financial b-s crisis; and it just seems disorienting to try to figure out what shoe is going to fall next.

So, I've kinda dropped out and been doing some "quiet" things - like reading and gardening and putzing around the house. It has helped.

The last, but not least, disorienting thing has been "trying" to get photos downloaded ( I was using the wrong cord) and finding out I need an "external hard drive". Geez louise, I'll be so glad when I can share these @#$%^ photos with ya'll - there are 249 - whoa, I'm NOT sharing all of those but there are a few. I feel somewhat autistic not being able to share photos. Like part of my descriptive voice has been silenced. The "computer diva" is coming on Thursday and keep your fingers crossed that I'll have this part of my life back in order.

In the meantime, DO know that I'm thinking of ya'll and reading your blogs, but not especially commenting much..........weird huh? Still waters run deep.


1st Mate said...

Babs - I've got the same thing happening, only it's not a variety of things, it really is the SAME thing and it's called deadline. When I'm on a deadline I feel like anything else I do (other than eating, sometimes, and brushing my teeth) is superfluous and should be abandoned for the all-important goal of getting this #&#@ book done. I miss your comments, though, and I'm glad you got your wardrobe changed over without having any accidents. I don't get to change mine for at least another month, it's still wayyy too hot here.

Michael Dickson said...

The world does seem a bit excessively troubled right now.

Islagringo said...

Glad you're back but we all understand the need for some down time once in awhile. I'm sure looking forward to seeing your pics!

Billie Mercer said...

Babs, yeah, the learning curve is tough but once you get on top of it, you'll be okay.

I don't think you 'really' need an external HD immediately unless you have no room on your internal HD. You can copy the photos to the internal HD and also to a least for the short term. Then you have your photos in two places. But for long term storage I would recommend that you do get an external HD. I'm kind of nuts....I copy all original digital files to one external HD and to my internal HD. Then I have two other external HD that I also copy everything to at least once a week...depends on how much work I've done. So for many of my pictures I have them in 4 separate places. When my internal HD starts to get full I dump the oldest files but of course I still have them all of them in 2 other HD plus the original digital file on another external HD. HaHa...are you confused now! said...

I have copied pictures to a little flash drive and it isn't can do it and it is a great way to save pictures. I also have saved pics on a CD. I have taken pictures of the inside of our house and mailed a copy to Chris in case I forget to take it when evacuating. Great for insurance. Thank God we didn't need it.
And it is a bit depressing...watched Bush tonight and wonder where he was a few weeks ago that he didn't see this coming and come out with this talk. Just can't trust the guy.