Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cervantino Festival - Part 2

I have NO idea where the rest of the blog I wrote yesterday morning on the Festival Cervantino went to...........but it didn't print! Strange..........
What I said was, if you think this is some little local festival, think again! It is world class and people from all over the world come here for the art, performance art, opera, ballet, symphonies and everything else inbetween. Among others, I have attended the Chinese Symphony Orchestra performance and several years ago the Ballet Monte Carlo modern interpretation of Cinderella. Both of those performances were magnificent and magical.
It is interesting to look out into the audiences and see no other gringos and also it is interesting to see the amount of well behaved children of all ages totally immersed in the performances.
You can go to to see the entire schedule and you can order tickets on Ticketmaster. If you want to book a room, go to and then put in Guanajuato and all the city's hotels and hostels will come up for your choice. BUT do it now because come October, NOTHING will be available.
I'll see you there!

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