Saturday, June 28, 2008

The "SWEATBIRDS" are here!

It's been confirmed by visual observation (in other words walking around town) that the "sweat birds" are here. Remember, last year I told you that my hairdresser said, "We get the snowbirds in the winter and the sweatbirds in the summer". With his Mexican accent it was all I could do to keep from falling out of the chair - so I can't claim having thought of the term..........darn.
So here they are, with lots of little "rug rats and curtain climbers and teenagers" ready to do whatever stuff they can find to do til they head back to Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Arizona, just to name a few, for school. Add to that, those without kids, who are just trying to escape the heat - our high today was about 82 with a HIGH humidity of 37%! Oh, and yes, the "beach people" from PV and other beach towns head here in the summer to escape........hear that Bliss, Nancy, Wayne and Steve?
The charities rev up with all kinds of ways to help those visiting gringos and gringas part with their money for one "cause" or another............There are a plethora of art openings, concerts and the International Film Festival plus the Chamber Music Festival.............a whirl of heres and theres to be!
But, I must admit, I sure don't see as many SUVs this year as in the past........hmmm, I'll give it another week and report again.


Islagringo said...

I hear you, I hear you! August is our hottest month here on the island. (which I am really dreading since it has been Augustlike here already!) But, and you heard it here first, I will be in Minnesota visiting for most of August.

Steve Cotton said...

Great term. But I will be one of the sweat birds in Melaque. said...

I'd be most happy to join the "sweatbirds." Most happy!!!!
Hey, blogger is at it again giving us ol farts fits trying to make out the login letters and get them right. Steve...please complain again. It seemed to help for a while.