Thursday, June 05, 2008

Que pasa?

For the last two nights as the sun sets, fireworks that sound like bombs, have been set off about 10 feet from my patio door. The first one ALWAYS makes me jump and then, if I listen carefully, I can hear the zzzzzzt before the boom and I'm prepared.
As soon as the zzzzzzzt and boom start happening, I've been hearing drums and dancers coming up the hill and tonight, the swords that they use when they are "doing" the dance of the Indians and Spaniards. Are they practicing for the Locos Parade? Is this some feast day that I can't find out about? Are they honoring the new holy place at the corner of Cuesta de San Jose and Montitlan?
IF anyone out there knows, I sure am curious!
Oh, and by the way, remember two weeks ago when I wrote about the parade of tractors into the jardine? I didn't know if it was for a blessing or what. Well, now I know. The farmers and residents of Cieneguita (about 10 miles from here) rode in to thank the municipal government for road and bridge work that is being done in their community. Way cool........

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