Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crime in Mexico

I want to put the myths to rest. I read an article about a year ago in a Canadian newspaper that said crime in Mexico was 32% higher then the US.......WHOA......THAT got my attention and I said to myself, "Self, are you living with your head in the sand?" So I decided to "get the facts".
Thank goodness for the's a marvel............
So I found out the number of homicides in Mexico for 2005 (the latest statistics) - it was like 4500 for the year for the entire country. Then I went to the FBI information and found out the homicides in individual cities because I could not find homicides for the entire USA. I put in NYC, Detroit and Oakland - just those three cities combined had more homicides then the whole country of Mexico!
So, Mexico gets a bum rap, in my opinion, and all the "press" about how dangerous it is, how many people are murdered, how unsafe the roads are, in my opinion are just to sell books, newspapers etc.
The US government perpetuates this also with their "Travel Advisories" about Mexico. I read them and say to myself, "Have these people EVER been to Mexico or do they just read the papers?" "Have they ever driven the beautiful highways of Mexico and met the kind and generous people or do they just read the papers?"
Cause I'm here to tell you - it's POPPYCOCK, baloney and falsehoods. I've driven these roads alone for over 20 years - I've been all over this magnificent country - NEVER, I repeat NEVER have I had someone be rude, discourteous OR EVER ask for a bribe! I can't be the only person that experiences this - there are lots - but the ones who tell "bad" stuff and perpetuate the myth are the ones who get the press.
I hope this blog is read and believed - let go of the myths. WHEW I feel beter for getting THAT off my mind.


Islagringo said...

Mmmmm. While I agree that crime is blown out of proportion, having driven more than a few kilometers in Mexico myself, I have to ask, how much of your good fortune has been based upon your being an attractive woman? Try travelling as two old men and see what happens.

Babs said...

Geez Wayne, I NEVER thought of that. Doesn't that NOT give credit to Mexico........and the gentility of the people? I could offer a litany of times men and women have gone out of their way to assist --------- I would hope my "looks" didn't have anything to do with it. But, thanks for the compliment, I think......

Deb Hall ~ Zocalo de Mexican Folk Art said...

Rick and I keep the roads HOT, and we spend hours upon hours on the back roads of Mexico. We're with's safe, scenic, and pleasurable, but the wise warning of "Don't drive after dark" still holds true. NOT because of banditos, but because of wandering livestock and other road hazzards.

And, unlike you, we have paid a few bribes over the years...not extortion, but more the "Me gusto mi cafe, senor" variety...$100 pesos here and there allowing us to pass through check points without further delay. Yes, we buy officials coffee once and awhile, and sometimes they surprise us with a full police escort straight through town, through red lights and all, as if we were visiting dignataries. Ah, Mexico!

We LOVE driving in rural Mexico, and also ask that fearful folks balance the negative US publicity with the words and experiences from those who live here, safely and happily.

Babs said...

THANKS Deb for reconfirming my feelings! I KNOW you and Rick travel way more then I do! AND great comment on the "No driving after dark" - you only have to see someone hit a black cow head on once in your life (which I did in the ATchafalaya Swamps about 40 years ago) to NEVER drive the backroads......Happy trails!