Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Photos to Dream By

I have a "to do" list that I try to ignore..........but for the last couple of days I've been trying to get the photo boxes straightened's done, thank goodness. BUT it was fun and I found lots of photos that I had forgotten about. These four "stuck out" because each one had scotch tape on the back..............they were my photos to dream by when I was still working and wishing I wasn't! They were scotch-taped right above my phone so when I was talking with difficult sub-contractors, or delayed suppliers or unhappy clients, I could look at these and remove myself - unbeknownst to them..............The first photo is of Puerto Vallarta in the late afternoon light. This photo and the one below were taken at a house in Gringo Gulch that I restored in about 1990 for a client. His mother had been the first American to build a house in PV in the mid 1950's. Even National Geographic had written a story with photos about it!
I loved watching the sunset from the front terrace every evening. I NEVER tired of the beauty. I usually spent a month at this house because rather then being paid by my client, I negotiated to use the house a month a year for five years...............everyone was happy!
This photo was taken from the little palapa cottage that I stayed in many times in Yelapa which is south of PV. You could only get there by panga (a dugout boat with a motor) and I think it is still that way today. The only sounds there were the sound of coconuts falling from the trees and the waves lapping at the beauty. The cottage was less then $15US a night.
This last photo is the beach at Concha Chinas. I like the naturalness of this photo. It was taken right in front of the house of another American woman, Silver Killen, who also moved to PV in the 50's. She was and still is quite a character.............She had indoor swimming pools in her houses painted black with duck decoys in them....At night, with only candlelight, you had to step carefully to keep from falling in the pools..............She rode around in a chartreuse jeep with fringe all over it.....................what stories she could tell!
So, these were my escape mechanism - I recommend it to everyone. Today I don't need any of those escapes because life is "muy tranquilo".

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Oh geez, these are wonderful. No wonder you loved that place! We Aries folk need that water to balance our fiery selves.