Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Mezik" is a BAD dude!

If you look back on my last blog there were several comments, one from someone whose name is "Mezik". He said to "click here" for a comment and when I did, this stuff called XP Antivirus Protection came up and it said all this stuff like Trojan Info stealer, I-worm Nodoom and Backdoor: Win 32 were all now on my computer and I needed to run two programs to remove them....THANKFULLY I did not run them and called my computer guru who said "DO NOT" run them because then there IS a mess! SO DON'T CLICK ON MEZIK, delete it as spam......He caused a waster two hours and lots of anxiety. (I am not technologically savvy, to put it mildly)

Why anyone would do something so mean I have no idea! I so love the blog and it has been such a catharsis for me..........Now I feel vulnerable knkowing that someone would intrude on this joyful thing that I have found such pleasure in........Darn it!

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