Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Ok I confess, I've been home since about midnight last Thursday but I've just NOT felt like writing. Several reasons, I needed to get my photos developed; catch up on to dos; stuff going on but mostly, Oaxaca is still running around in my head because it was so amazing!
The photos are ready, the ideas on Oaxaca are settling down and I'm caught up on grocery shopping, etc etc etc. So, bear with me - I'll "blog" about Oaxaca in the next day or so......it was all I hoped it would be and MORE!


1st Mate said...

Already you've inspired me to want to visit Oaxaca when we're down south. Looking forward to seeing the pix.

Gypsy Girl said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. Oaxaca has been on my list for a long long time...guess I'll have to push it up to the first place spot and do it soon.
Glad that you are back.

Babs said...

Hi 1st Mate and Gypsy Girl - I'm glad to hear from BOTH of you and while I'm at it - I LOVE reading your blogs........on a REGULAR basis. First Mate, I think you're that twin sister that I never met because your blogs are so much of my feelings and thoughts! I'm always surprised........even down to the men with beards and mustaches, ha. I AM glad to be back - the more I travel the more I realize how special San Miguel is!