Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Spirit!

I spent the day yesterday digging out the decorations that I brought from Texas when I moved here. Since I usually leave around the 15th of December and head to Texas, I haven't put it all up for a while. BUT this year I decided I wanted to do that, since I am not going to Texas but to Oaxaca and not til the 20th.
It was a joy to pull out all the things that hold so many precious memories. The nativity set that I bought in Mexico City in 1974, the one from Guatemala bought a couple of years ago and the Indian nativity set bought on Mackinaw Island about ten years ago. Ahh, how great they look! Then there are the ornaments I made as a child - glass ones that have survived with glitter on them - and the ones the kids made from kindergarten on..............or that I made for them. There are so many favorite things. The apron Julie, my daughter made, with all the grandchildren's handprints on............and I still have the first thing my husband and I bought our first year of marriage - a trio of the three wise men candle holders - good grief it's almost an antique - it's 47 years old!
My house is decorated - now today is baking day. I've got Aaron Neville's Christmas album on............ Who would ever believe that I'm such a sentimentalist and traditionalist?


Billie Mercer said...

A sentimentalist and traditionalist.....I'd believe it you all softie who cries over baby clothes!
Love ya said...

I would believe it, dear friend. Me, too. Our oldest grandson made an interesting comment as we were decorating the tree. "Nana, I just love your tree with all the mix of stuff on it. You don't worry about having all the balls matching and everything just so. I just love looking at it." Ah, he knows me better than I thought.