Monday, November 19, 2007

"Velcro" has a sweet tooth!

I've written about Velcro, the feral cat that now has become my lap cat. She has such a funny personality. She never meows unless she wants to come in or go out...........she doesn't like Costco roasted chicken BUT she loves homemade vanilla pudding............she has learned to throw her body against the screen door outside my bedroom to wake me up between 6:45 and 7AM EVERY morning so she can come in.............and she loves to jump out from beneath the bed's dust ruffle, which if I'm not paying attention ALWAYS makes me jump!
I was so sure I didn't want another pet after my dog Flash was killed three years ago by a bus and I fought the urge to befriend Velcro..............but I'm sure glad I did! She loves that I pet her and feed her and I love watching her antics. Oh, and I've put a collar with a tiny bell on her so she isn't bringing home mice and baby mice, lizards or birds anymore-whew!

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