Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Turkey Time

I LOVE this time of year! From Halloween on it's about cooking, gatherings, family and all the stuff that goes on.........So, I dug out this turkey photo which isn't all that great BUT wait til you hear the story of how I got to take a photo so close up of turkeys!

My favorite little pension in Patzcauro is Meson de San Antonio. The Mexican man who manages and previously owned the property has been restoring the rooms one at a time and I think he is now up to eight or nine rooms. They all face an inner courtyard except for the three at the far back that not only face the courtyard but have a window into the back grounds. So a few years ago, I selected a room that had a back window instead of a window on the courtyard. Imagine my surprise and delight when I pulled back the curtains and THERE stood a BIG TURKEY! I was so amazed to watch as he pecked at my window! So cute, I thought. Little did I know that afternoon that turkeys "gobble gobble gobble" a lot - especially early in the morning............But, I adjusted (always carry my trusty earplugs) and stayed in that room.
My next visit was at a busy time in Patzcauro and, you guessed it, I got the same room. AND now instead of one turkey there were about eight or ten turkeys...............Lordy it was a lot of "gobbles".......and the BIG TURKEY was still there!

So, when I look at this picture, I chuckle and wonder how many turkeys are at Meson de San Antonio this year...........

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