Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Well, the pecan pie is cooked and now the corn souffle is the oven - toaster oven - that is! Yup, I cook everything in an oversized toaster oven or microwave because there is NOT an oven in this house. Most Mexican food is cooked on a stove top and I DO have a 6 burner.
When I moved here this became part of the adventure.............what would I NOT be able to cook here in my little casa? Well, so far, the only thing has been a big turkey.
So today, I'm heading to son John and new daughter-in-law Lisa's house for Thanksgiving. All I have to bring is the pie, the souffle and the dinner rolls. Seems weird after having cooked BIG Thanksgiving dinners for at least 40 years.............but it's nice too.
I actually SAT down and watched some of the Macy's parade which in past years I never had time for...............hope all the grandkids saw the parade!
So, I hope wherever you are and whoever you are with that you're with friends or family and enjoying this great day that's set aside for us to count our blessings.


vandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and family. We had a wonderful day at Ann and Pats with other friends. Tell John and Lisa "hello" and alos to the bench. Sue

billow said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Barbara! We so enjoyed ourselves in San Miguel. Thanks for everything!

Bill Owens

Babs said...

Hi Bill- It was so great to spend time with you and Joann while you were here - c u in Houston sometime in December or January!