Saturday, November 17, 2007

Margarita Fick

Back in October in the post "Dia de los Muertos" I posted a photo of the work of Margarita Fick who is one of a very few artesans who continues to"work magic" with paper. I have never met her but admired her work for years. I had tried to reach her through her website but it no longer worked. Imagine my surprise when she posted on that blog with her phone number for me to call! I thought, how the heck did she know about this blog? So I called her while she was in Ajijic for the BIG artesan fair that is held annually - over 1000 people there this year - many buyers from the USA!
Well we met for comida yesterday and sat and talked for 2 1/2 hours. What an amazing woman! Here's her story...............she learned to cut paper as a child with her family while living in Zapopan, which used to be a village outside of Guadalajara but now is surrounded by Guadalajara. Ironically I was there one year for the procession of the Virgin of Zapopan - very touching........Anyway, in attempting to raise her children on her own, Margarita made and sold the papel picado and then moved into more elaborate huge pieces like the one I posted. At one time she lived in Houston, my home for 34 years, and taught workshops through the Mexican did our paths never cross? Anyway, it has happened now. She brought a piece that was about 3 ft x 4 ft for a client of the Virgen of Guadalupe. She laid it out on the floor for me to see. Absolutely BREATHTAKING! Her prices are more then reasonable.
Of course my mind is racing today with ways to promote her work with a workshop or a visit to her studio - both of which appealed to her! We'll see what happens.
I'm just honored to have met Margarita Fick!


Billie Mercer said...

Margarita Fick is a charming, amazing woman and overflowing with talent. said...

Oh my and you didn't take a picture? What a great experience. So glad you got to have lunch with her.

1st Mate said...

Hope you can help her get a website up and running again, so we can see some photos.

Thelma Nohemi Chagra S said...

I´m Thelma, Margarita's oldest daughter. Thank you for your comments!! I´m working on her WEB site per your request, it´s already available as:
During the present week I will continue working with the page in order to set up the gallery and exhibit her work.
Thank you again for your support

Between The Trees said...

I was wondering if you had a contact for Margarita Fick, the website address her daughter posted here is not working..Thanks, Diane

Babs said...

I'm sorry I do not, but I'm sure she'll be at the Folkart Show at Lake Chapala in November. You can try emailing Marianne Carlson to see if she has a "contact". Marianne's email address is
If that doesn't work, email me and I'll ask around.