Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Smithsonian Magazine - Special Issue - FALL 2007

This has to be one of the best issues of a magazine that I have ever experienced. It is about 37 people under 36 years of age who are creating, researching, building, designing, helping and all kinds of other things to make life, people, the world and our environment - just to name a few - a better place.
It is so inspiring to see the areas of expertise of these men and women and to read about their accomplishments. For instance, Christina Galitsky, an engineer who invented a cook stove for the refugee women in Darfur to use to cook meals. It costs $2.50 to manufacture. The country is mainly deforested (as it is in the rural areas of Mexico) and too expensive to get fuel to cook. Her parting comment is that she hopes the answer for her generation is "to think about what is really important in work". She hopes it is less often "make money" and more often about contributing to society in some way.
Some of the profiles are about scientific or technological research of things I have never even heard of........fascinating.
Read it - it will uplift you to know about these incredible men and women!

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