Sunday, October 21, 2007

The "Guest House"

I wanted to share with you the Guest House that I rent out here in San Miguel. Renting this house allows me to live here on Social Security - yes, it can really be done - but carefully! I have never had a problem renting it until now. There has been a slew of "rental" houses built in the last few years - on speculation and hence, a "glut" in the market. Add to that that our US tourism is down approximately 70% according to shop owners and you get the picture. SO I'm posting this on the blog in hopes that some of you want to come visit and need a place to stay.
The first group of pictures are the first floor of the house which is made up of a combination living/dining and kitchen area. LOTS of natural light and nice furnishings.
The second group of photos show the second floor bedroom which also has a bath on this floor. You can't see that there are French doors that open to a small balcony with incredible views as seen below. The bedroom is 16 x 20!

Here is the exterior of the house - built about 25 years ago with the native stone from this region.
I'm an "avid" gardener and have redone all of the flower beds which include avocado, pomegranate, lemon and loquat trees! Every view is beautiful in the interior courtyards. Well, the view isn't so bad from the outside too as seen below in the views of the canyon and the presa. If you look closely you can see the small ruins and aqueduct from the 1700's when this was a tannery area!
The view below from the house is of the mountains and the bluffs that are part of this canyon.
I live on the same piece of property and I must say I'm awed every day by the beauty - not to mention the birds and butterflies that traverse this property. Aren't I lucky?

So, if you know of anyone who wants to come to San Miguel, please pass on this blog! The house rents short-term for $560US a week or on a long term lease of 6 months or more $750US a month. That includes all utilities, Dish Network TV from the USA and maid service once a week.
When are you coming to visit paradise?


Cynthia said...

Babs, what about dogs? Do you allow them. My best friend and her husband may be planning an extended stay in San Miguel, but no way can they leave their adopted son behind.

Babs said...

Hi Cynthia - Email me at and we can discuss the "dog issue". Basically, it depends on the size and temperament of the dog - is it house trained, does it bark, will it attack cats (I have one)........I had a dog for 16 years so I'm not adverse to dogs, just have never done that.......