Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A "sea" of post-it notes

I have always prided myself on my organizational abilities.......but it seems those skills are going by the wayside...........or else I'm slowing down and can't get as much done. Who knows?
I have resorted to lime-green (obnoxious color) post-it notes to remind me of things to do......they are posted arround the screen of my computer so I don't spend TOO much time reading blogs.......like Billiesblog, First Mate and Traveling Shoes.......
So, the post-it notes range from "email Oaxaca", "cancel Ajijic"," buy 2 wedding and 2 birthday cards" and the all important one "street lights".
Yes, the battle is on again, the street lights on the side street of my house have been out now for about a month........it is darker then the bottom of a well at night...........and there are no houses around me so if I screamed it would be just me and the coyotes. I DO feel a sense of security with the street lights as I feel they deter "whatever"!
Back to the post-it notes.......I think I used to be able to keep all this info in my brain and now with all these lists it seems daunting. Either that or I have too much to do..........and then people ask me what do I do all day! Yipes.

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picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

OK, so the secret of life is different colored post-its? I only have yellow ones...am I doomed to chaos forever?