Saturday, September 22, 2007

Family Time is the Best!

Family time IS the best! This trip to Texas was ALL about that. From the football game where we all got to see Jessica marching on the high school field with her band (the high school too that her Mom, aunt and uncle graduated from) to hanging out in the pool with the kids to shopping with the girls...........all of it was great fun and super memories.............It's the little things that happen during the big things that bring the chuckles and smiles to me. The photo above is Hannah, Christopher (Jennifer's little boy) and Emma. Christopher turned 9 and we had a birthday cake for him out by the pool where it didn't matter how much cake or frosting you got on you.............just jump in the pool! What fun.
Hannah, Emma and I went shopping and the fun of them picking out things to buy and then opting for satin pajamas, one with pandas and the other with puppies was fun to see. Then they each bought their own big animal slippers.........which they wore for the next two days. Only grandparents, I think, can understand the joy of this.........
Life is good!

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They are just so adorable! Hard to believe they are all getting so tall. So glad your visit was so rewarding. I still have yet to get in the house across the street for pictures but I will.