Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Unchanging Men's Luncheon

As long as I've been in San Miguel I've been going to the "unchanging men's luncheon" on the third Thursday of the month. The "luncheon" is open to men AND women. It is a "tongue in cheek" kind of thing started by Bill as a response to the fact that the "Women In Change" group wouldn't, at the time, allow men to attend. It's a "hoot". There is NO women bashing or anything like that, just the fun of getting together...........
Here is their "platform" -
"The unchanging men's group was created to celebrate the unchanging nature of men. We as a group do NOT flower or evolve as much as women do. We tend to find things that we like and stick to them, ex-wives excluded. We like to think of this as being stable and consistent. The unchanging men's group supports the following planks in our platform. They are:
(1) The destruction of all toilet seat covers that can cause bladder distress and extreme shock to men when the seat falls down, or back problems trying to hold the toilet seat up!
(2) The encouragement of women to lift the seat when they are finished.
(3) The halting of all garage conversions unless converted into a micro brewery.
(4) The continued complete control of all remote controls by men.
(5) The right for men to scream and run out the door WITHOUT penalty when his mate asks if she looks fat or if she has gained weight.
New ideas are considered in the jardine and will be discussed and possibly added to the platform.
You can tell we try not to take many things too seriously here.........

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Cynthia said...

This article makes me want to extend my SMA stay. Great people here with amazing attitudes.

It was so nice to talk to you and hope that soon we will get together to swap Clear Lake stories.

Heading back to the US tomorrow even though I would rather be here. Life keeps intruding on my fun!