Sunday, August 05, 2007

Timothy Fain

Remember that name! He is an incredible violinist that I was privileged to hear last evening at the Chamber Music Festival here in San Miguel. He just popped out on the stage at the end of the scheduled performance and played two pieces that stunned the audience. I had heard he MIGHT be there last night and was thrilled when he walked out. I heard this young man two years ago and was "blown away" as the kids say. For information about him and all of his accomplishments go to He uses no music and transports himself and everyone within hearing range with his incredible talent.

I don't know if he has any cds but I intend to find out. I'm trying to get a ticket for Tuesday night when he is scheduled to perform. If he EVER comes to wherever you are, go hear him, you too will be enchanted!

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So glad you are feeling better and made it to his performance and I do hope you get a ticket to go again. But then I guess you will have to "dress up."