Friday, August 17, 2007

Telmex to the rescue......finally!

I have been having problems with my internet service..........for a couple of weeks....... but I didn't know til Monday after my "computer guru" came by the house that it was NOT my computer but Telmex. So after several phone calls and two repairmen, IT IS FIXED, (I hope)! I could only use the computer for about 10 minutes a day.........I didn't realize how much I really use it til I couldn't - you know what I mean. How could I possibly check on all my fellow bloggers, read the daily newspapers, etc.etc.etc? Boy it was exasperating. All is well now, until the next thing happens, tee hee..........
Oh, and the other good news - I heard that you can by the New York Times here now on a daily basis. Yes, it is pricey, $3 US but, for a once in a while taste of the DAILY newspaper, I'll pay any price. It's just not the same on the internet.

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