Friday, August 31, 2007

Some "views" from the casa

This is a strange sight to see from you windows. Well it is because it has been there for 20 years, ABANDONED! This was a project of Club Med started in the mid-80s and was going to be an archaeological resort similar to the ones Club Med is doing now in the Yucatan area. Anyway, when there was a flood and the reservoir seen below overran its walls in 1986 and the water ran through the property and buildings, the project was stopped. It has been sitting there ever since. It is so well constructed that it will never fall down...............what a folly!
I call this the "infinity pool" that I can see from my windows. In reality, it is the reservoir that holds the overflow water and allows the water to go over the sides, supposedly "slowly". But in some instances, NOT so slowly. In the dry season it is almost empty and the water birds, ibis, white pelicans and others, like to land on the tree trunks and things that are in the bottom of the reservoir. I hate to admit, but the kids swim in this in May and June when we have our warm weather-yuk!
This has been the view of the "waterfall" in the last few weeks because we have had so much rain. I don't know if you can see the little tiny building to the left of the water and the aqueduct but they were part of the structures when this was a tannery area in the 1800's. This water flows into the reservoir shown above. The sound of the water roaring down the side of the canyon is very soothing.

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Billie Mercer said...

You do have a great view. Hope we get some sun today.