Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Okra, glorious okra

Sorry I was grumpy on this morning's blog - I TRY to be patient but sometimes, I'm not - nuff said. "Think" the computer problem is fixed........we'll see.

So, I heard through the "grapevine" that there was okra at Mega. Okra is one of those things, along with sweet corn, crookneck squash and a few other veggies that I couldn't find here. Well, when I got "the word" about the okra I high-tailed it to Mega. Oh my gosh, BEAUTIFUL okra. I was scooping up a full bag when a fellow Texan came into the produce department. I told her they had okra! She came over and exclaimed and oohed and aahed as I had done...........she's from Houston also and she started telling me her routine of the places she goes to eat when she's in Houston and we stood and laughed - 59 Diner for chicken-fried steak, fried okra, sweet corn and mashed potatoes - then onto Otto's for bbq then to a great sushi place and I mentioned Kam's, a great little place that has superb Chinese food............we then went back to ooohing and aaahing about the okra. Subsequently,we burst out laughing at the fact that okra could make us so happy.
I added to my purchases, sweet corn, veggies to make homemade potato salad, and I've got cornmeal here to make homemade cornbread..........I suppose I should make some homemade banana pudding to round it all out.........a good Southern meal (notice no meat in this menu)! I'm a "happy camper" again!

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