Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Noche de Rabanos - Night of the Radishes

I have wanted to go to this celebration for at least 20 years, since I first heard about it. I was all ready to go last year with some friends from Houston and then all heck broke loose in Oaxaca city and we cancelled. So now we're making plans to go this year! The economy in that part of Mexico is totally devastated and between myself and my friends, also avid folkart collectors, I'm sure we could help their economy a wee bit.
If you would like to see this magical celebration during Christmas week click on
The radishes are grown with hormones (not edible) and these amazing carved images are seen for only two days and then it is all disposed of............a true "in the moment" event in Mexico.


Billie Mercer said...

I've looked at these pictures before on Flickr. I does make you want to go see it in person. said...

The pictures are great! Amazing...geez, but I love the culture! I loved the picture of the kids working on their radishes.