Saturday, August 18, 2007


For 4o years of my life (or more) I lived in the path of hurricanes! I'm sure darn happy NOT to have to think about evacuating anymore. On August 18, 1983 Hurricane Alicia was a direct hit on Houston and I and my children lived on the waters of Clear Lake which is a backwater to Galveston Bay. Three weeks without electricity in August in Texas is NOT a fun thing. We made the best of it - cooking on the grill outside, sleeping on the marble floor in the entryway because it remained cool - no matter how hot it was...........but the dumptruck loads of trees, and stuff out of the back and front yard was a mess.

When my husband and I were at LSU in 1965 a hurricane (don't remember the name) sank a chlorine barge in the Mississippi river on the other side of the levee from LSU. The whol

I think about all of the people who live even within 100 miles of the coast and what they go through this time of the year.


James said...

Hi Aunt Barb-
We're hoping Hurricane Dean doesn't affect you too much down there in San Miguel! We're all doing fine up here in Shreveport. Hope you are doing well!

Jimmy and Susan Schmidt

Cynthia said...

I just read your post and as a Houstonian, Clear Lake resident, and now, SMA property owner, I relate.

I just sent Billie an email asking about the impact Dean could have on San Miguel. I know there are mountains in between, but this is one big storm and now it appears it will make landfall in lower Mexico.

Babs said...

Hi James - How great to know you read the blog! Write me on my email address and tell me what is going on in your family!
Much love..............

Babs said...

Hi Cynthia - Gosh, maybe we knew each other in Clear Lake. I lived in Nassau Bay from 1979 til 1995!
If Dean comes in between Veracruz and Tampico, hopefully the Sierra Madres will stop most of it..........I just think of all the people who live along the coast in palapas...........Yikes. Let me know when you're coming to San Miguel - would love to meet you. Any friend of Billie's is a friend of mine!

Cynthia said...

Actually, I'll be in town tomorrow. I feel a bit foolish flying down for a storm, but I have this house in San Miguel that has so little furniture it's like camping out. This is my last opportunity to try to get the place furnished before guest arrive in October.

We live in Pinebrook in Clear Lake City. I've been in the CL area thirty-something years, with the exception of a few years during the 80's when we lived in Kingwood.
If we don't know each other, we surely have mutual friends.

I've never met Billie, but plan to this trip down. She's provided me with hours and hours of entertainment. I'm really looking forward to meeting her.

According to the weather maps, it appears SMA is in an area that could get winds from 39 to 73 mph. (That's if I'm reading the map correctly.) I'm hoping it's on the low end of that. I went to the site for the National Hurricane Center and viewed the 5 day map that shows symbols for wind speed ranges. The thing I'm not sure about is SMA's location on that particular map.

I would love to meet you. Can't believe you are an ex-Clear-Laker!

Babs said...

Hi Cynthia - Give me a call when in town. 1528375 - had dinner with Billie and her husband last night.........we're not worried about the hurricane here, maybe rain. Veracruz City is 6 hours away and the Sierra Madres are between us and them..........Look forward to meeting you. We are bound to know a slew of the same people!!!!!!!!!