Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hospital de La Fe

Doesn't the name of the hospital sound like a children's nursery rhyme? I DID spend part of Thurday and Friday there. It seems the "under the weather" syndrome hit again with a vengeance and the Dr. took one look at me and sent me to the emergency room and ultimately to a room for an overnight stay.
I am happy to report the nursing staff was extremely professional and the cleanliness of the emergency room and the private room were excellent.
They even have an elevator now! Now in San Miguel an elevator is a big thing. Maybe a couple of new big houses here have elevators but I know of no professional buildings with elevators. When I was in the hospital about 5 years ago, it took a "herd" of people, well maybe I exaggerate a little, but it took several people pushing the stretcher up a very steep ramp to get me to a room. I was happy not to repeat that episode.
I'm very alert about cleanliness and always look at the ceiling tiles, among other things, and they were spotless (it comes from having built many commercial buildings in my previous life).
The nursing staff were prompt and the emergency room nurse found my vein on the first try - something that NEVER happens in the USA - NEVER! I was amazed.....
So, if I had to rate the hospital I would say it is equivalent to a small regional facility in a suburban area in the USA. We are very lucky to have this private hospital here!
The cost for the emergency room, all the meds (lots), two doctors and a private room $600 US. I have no idea what that would be in the USA but I KNOW it would be much more..........


Gypsy Girl said...

Hey I hope you are feeling better now. $600.... for all that... that's a drop in the bucket compaired to what you would pay in the good ol' USA.
Get well soon

Babs said...

Thanks Gypsy Girl! I'm well, I think........well, almost!