Thursday, July 19, 2007

The "secret" is revealed!

The wonderful news was revealed last night at a small dinner party - my son John and his love, Lisa are having a baby! It is truly a miracle for so many reasons and I'm thrilled beyond belief. I nearly fainted when they came over on Tuesday and showed the sonagram to me. What a joy! The fact that John and Lisa met in San Miguel is amazing; they are both"individualistic" and inveterate travelers and they fit together like "two peas in a pod". I don't know who is more amazed at the whole thing, me, or John and Lisa.
Those of you who know my life story know what a miracle this is and what a joyful thing this is after our many years of great grief and sadness. So, it makes this even more beautiful!
That's it.............a baby and a new daughter and a happy son - what more could anyone ask for?


1st Mate said...

I've read enough of your blog to know how much you love children, so it doesn't surprise me that you'd be thrilled about your coming new grandchild. Congratulations!

No, we don't live on the boat but in a house five minutes from the boat, the best of both worlds. said...

Well, this is just the best news I've had in ages. I am so happy that John has found his life partner and he will just be such a great dad. This is wonderful...tell them how happy I am about their great news.