Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rain, Rain go AWAY!

We have had so much rain in San Miguel that the gardens and vines and plants in general are water-logged. So am I! I have swept the roof terrace so much to get the standing water off that I'm going to need a new broom soon.
Typically they don't have to open the floodgates in the lake in the botanical gardens til September but alas, they are now open and the presa (reservoir) below my house is overflowing through town.
Enough already - just two days of no rain would be a relief!

2 comments: said...

You won't get any sympathy here. We've had 6+ inches since July 1. Today is the first day without rain (Knock on wood) for weeks now. The yard man was finally able to mow!

Babs said...

Well, if this counts I've been told that we've had 13.3 since "the rains" started mid-June. Our yearly average already!