Thursday, July 12, 2007

Health Insurance

I know this seems a strange topic for a blog but I need to say some things.............I found out yesterday that a friend in the USA has just been diagnosed with liver cancer and, yup, you guessed it, NO health insurance. She is a successful business woman who plowed all her money back into her business and just never got around to finding health insurance............I'm so worried about her.
I must say, there are so many ways to find group health insurance, even if you aren't working or you work for yourself!!! Here's some ideas. Trade organizations, chambers of commerce, women and men's organizations. NAFE (National Assn of Female Executives) was one I used at one point in my life.......very, very inexpensive group and life insurance. Membership fee was about $40 a year and premiums were very low.
I was widowed at 36 with three teenagers to raise and at various times I worked for companies but when I started my business at the age of 41 I was on my own to find insurance for us. I had group insurance through a Chamber of Commerce, the HRA (Houston Restaurant Assn) and NAFE. Everytime I found something better I changed. There is no physical and it was the most important thing to me right behind making the house payment and paying the utilities.
I, of course, now am old enough to have Medicare, yee ha, and I'm grateful for that. BUT if this blog can be of help to ANYONE out there then my mission has been accomplished.

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