Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Never ceases to amaze me!

The internet is a blessing! It never ceases to amaze me all the things it can accomplish for you. I can stay in touch with friends; I can check out information which in the past would have required a trip to the library; and I can do business like check balances, pay bills and today rather then having to drive to Laredo to get car insurance for the USA, I was able to do it on the internet!!! Amazing. In the past, my local agent wrote the policy for the month or two that I was going to be in the States but, he no longer offers that service. Or, prior to that, I drove to Laredo, went to an agency and got a policy - about a two hour episode plus the fact that I had to drive through Nuevo Laredo and into Laredo (which I dislike) and since I don't usually spend the night in Laredo it delayed my trip............so today I contacted an agency in Laredo who was able to do the WHOLE thing on the internet and the 3 month policy was less expensive then the one month that I used to do here! Amazing. I now have the policy in hand and it is the same US insurance company that I used before.............I'm ready to head to Texas and never had to even leave my house! I LOVE living in this day and time.

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picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Well, I will try again...the amazing Internet just ate my comment. I am constantly blown away with the world that opens up to me via the Internet...communication with folks all over the planet is just awesome. Our grandchildren just take all this for granted and I wonder what developments they will be amazed at at our age. Probably and hopefully that the planet hasn't been destroyed or that they have found a way to make water?
Can't wait to see you...drive carefully.