Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Patzcauro Photos

At the Friday market the "chicken man" and his wife were on their way to sell their chickens. Note how tiny his wife is beside him.
The dance of the "old men" is in actuality, small children dressed to look like old men. The tradition is handed down generation to generation. I never go to Patzcauro that I don't wait to see this dance.

As we were coming out of our small hotel near the Basilica in Patzcauro this simple, quiet procession was heading to the church. No fanfare or trumpets, just the faithful carrying out their traditions.

This is the continuation of the procession extending toward the Basilica. I sincerely doubt that there was any town or village in Mexico that didn't have some kind of ceremony on this day and the coming week.


Christine said...

I am so impressed with the photograph of the "Chicken Man!" The lighting and the composition are wonderful. When I first opened the picture on my computer, I thought it was a painting. Congratulations. Christine

Sue said...

I think you should write a book about your travels in Mexico. You photos are great and you are a wonderful writer. Sue

Babs said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you Christine and Sue! Christine believe me the composition was a "point and shoot" situation. He was scurrying and I was trying to be very low key and not knock anyone down on the path as I tracked him. It was luck. I actually saw he and his wife a day later and they were still holding hands but had NO chickens!

Christine said...

Well, I think sometimes our subconscious mind knows exactly what it is doing even when we think we don't know what we are doing. Somehow, we mysteriously push the button without thinking and get it just right. Yet, if we think too much about it-- we lose the picture altogether. Just doing and not thinking too much--isn't that the theory of Zen Buddism? You surely must be a Zen photojournalist!