Sunday, April 22, 2007

The "Open Gate" Policy

The doorbell rang at 4:35AM Friday morning scaring the begeebers out of me. I wondered if I should go and see who it was and since it had never happened before in the six years that I have lived here I decided, "Yes". So I put on the old chenille robe, fuzzy slippers (this outfit is guaranteed to scare anyone away) and trotted up the stairs. As I unlocked my front door and looked to the gate at the street I noticed it was OPEN. Yikes I thought but still proceeded out asking who was there.
Well, much to my surprise, it was the San Miguel police who had noticed my gate open, rang the bell to see if I was all right, and said I should probably close the gate. I went back to bed, and of course could not go back to sleep lying there thinking about how nice it was to know (a) that they patrol, (b) that they noticed, and (c) that they courteously let me know!

Viva Mexico!


Billie Mercer said...

Girl, you gotta lock that gate up at night.

Babs said...

Well, it wasn't me - it was the "tenant" in the guest house!!!It had happened before but this time I said something..... said...

Ooooh yeah! It is so good to hear that they are looking after you AND your negligent tenant. I guess you heard by now that the US State Dept has issued a warning to tourist not to travel to Mexico. Geezus! They need to hear stories like this!