Friday, April 20, 2007

Atrip to Mineral de Pozos

Pozos is a semi-abandoned mining town about 45 minutes from San Miguel. The articles in the San Miguel newspaper tout it as "the next San Miguel", it probably has 1000 inhabitants or maybe a few more or less. In it's "heyday" it had over 70,000 occupants! The walls of many of the homes, mining offices and schools are still standing. It is quite interesting and amazing. Pozos is at 7800 ft. so it is always cooler then San Miguel which is at 6200 ft. elevation. It was a lovely day and we explored the little shops (3) that had geodes and minerals for sale as well as ancient musical instruments. Then we drove up into the mountains "exploring" and John got out of the car to photograph some century plants. Hence this photo. John is over 6 ft tall and I want you to notice the size of these century plants! They must be more then a century old for heaven's sake. A fun Sunday afternoon in the country!

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