Monday, March 05, 2007

I am not a photographer, by any means, but I do think I'm a chronicler. I see this woman a couple of times a week when I walk to get my mail. But this day, she had this exquisite blue shawl on and with the white flowers and the beautiful wood door, I just had to take a photo. I think she is so beautiful. She always greets me and I intend to take a copy of this photo to her. I hope she likes it.
I carry my little camera in my purse most of the time, because if I don't, I miss out on so many "moments" such as this.

3 comments: said...

I think I remember this woman and her beautiful lilies. This is a great photo. Would you mind if I did it in watercolor?

Babs said...

I would love for you to "do her" in watercolor. Do you want me to mail the original photograph?

Todd said...

Amazing Shot, thanks for sharing!

Todd in Patzcuaro