Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Alamo @ Atotonilco

The Second Annual "Siege of the Alamo" was held last Tuesday, March 6th out at Joe and Chuck's ranch. All Texans are well aware of this date, but not many other Americans are.......so Bill, the instigator of much of the fun in San Miguel, planned this event for the first time last year. It is a battle of water balloons and water pistols as seen in the pictures. It is a silly fun thing to do..........It grew this year and there were probably about 40 people there ready to run and throw. Each chose sides, a Texas bandana or a Mexican one denoted what team you were on. Then the Texans were outside and the Mexicans inside. If you look at the picture of the facade (which is an exact replica of the Alamo) you will note the upper windows which were great for lobbing water balloons from ( a fact that escaped me when I was outside). All of a sudden I was hit and started scurrying first one way and then the other trying to outmaneuver "whoever" was using me for target practice (thanks Ron). I'm sure I looked like a nut running one way and then another until I realized I needed to run AWAY from the building. By then I had been hit four times by water balloons. Of course, I and everyone else were laughing so hard it wasn't easy to think. The Texans "stormed" the Alamo (actually we just opened the door) and starting lobbing water balloons in and everyone surrendered. It was hysterically funny.
The day proceeded with a fabulous lunch and much laughter. Half of the fun was laughing at the outfits people had on...............I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

This must have been a blast. What fun! So how many shots did you make?

vandy said...

vGreat photos....Sue

Todd said...

I love the outfits!